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Group Fitness Classes

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Fitness Class Options

The Morton Grove Park District offers the following options for participation in our fitness classes.

Option 1: Group Fitness Membership-$276

A membership designed for our fitness class enthusiast. An annual membership for classes is convenient and flexible. You determine which classes fit your schedule. For an annual fee of $276 (per individual) you can attend unlimited fitness classes. This does not include entry to the fitness club. You can add on a Club Fitness membership for an additional $131.

Option 2: Fitness Upgrade - $131

If you already have an annual Club Fitness membership you can upgrade your membership to include unlimited fitness classes for an additional $131. Note: This fee is per person and must be paid for when purchasing or renewing your annual membership. Show your interest - Sign up for classes you plan on taking at front desk.

Option 3: Walk-in Fees: $10.50/class

This option is ideal for the person who would like to try a fitness class.

GroupEx Pass Information

When you sign up for one of our classes you will receive a GroupEx Pass card. This card allows for easy check in to fitness classes.

Group Fitness Policy

How many is a GROUP for fitness classes?
Answer - FOUR!!
Instructors must have a minimum of four participants in attendance in order to begin a Fitness Class.
If the class doesn’t meet the mimimum two consecutive weeks - the session will be cancelled.
Reminder - stop by the Customer Service Desk before
each class to pay or swipe in to receive your
“Fitness Card” for entry to the class.


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